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The products of DPorts are executable software which are manipulated by Baptiste Daroussin's pkg(8) binary package manager.

Building a DPort from source is not generally encouraged.

With the base system being a package now, I'd half expect pkg to be able to do everything, but at minimum, for base system updates, I'd definitely want to be taking advantage of the boot environments (and I should probably do that with the normal packages more than I do).

So, using pkg directly for updates seems like a bad idea.

The last working DPort will remain in place until a manual fix is provided that allows the Free BSD update to work on Dragon Fly as well.

Poudriere, from ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel, is used to confirm good builds.

In practice, ports may build only on the dev branch of Dragon Fly, so the older the release is, the more DPorts that won't build (only the two 2 releases are checked). Please report generic issues (those that affect Free BSD and Dragon Fly) at: https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/ Please report Dragon Fly-specific issues here: https://github.com/Dragon Fly BSD/DPorts/issues/ If you are confident in a Dragon Fly-specific fix, please initiate a Github Pull Request here: https://github.com/Dragon Fly BSD/Delta Ports Note that since DPorts is generated, Github Pull Requests against DPorts can not be accepted.

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It serves the same purpose for Dragon Fly as the Ports Collection does for Free BSD, which is to provide instructions on how to build software on Dragon Fly BSD.

It's not clear to me though if pc-updatemanager is still the way to go, since it still seems to me to be geared towards how PC-BSD functions rather True OS - though it no longer has an update command, and I thought that it did before, so maybe it just uses pkgcheck and pkgupdate now that the base is a pkg?

Though it still has check in addition to pkgcheck, so if it's all supposed to be packages now, I don't know where check fits in.

And I have no idea how sysadm fits in other than that it seems to be what's driving the GUI end of things now. "That would be contrary to all known Unix paradigms.

So, maybe I'm rambling too much here, but what commands should be used for updating packages and/or the base system from the command line now that we have True OS rather than PC-BSD? One of the folks involved with actually producing the product can better answer, but I would think pkg should be an acceptable alternative to the GUI. I reckon, better safe than sorry; if an update is applicable to an installed package, allow pc-updatemanager to perform that update in the context of boot environments.