Updating apps through itunes

i Tunes U offers course material, some of it from major universities around the world, in the form of audio and video lectures, sometimes in conjunction with ebooks, PDFs, and other media.

Within i Tunes, i Tunes U was just another media kind in the Media Picker above the i Tunes sidebar.

As such, it was low hanging fruit in Apple’s quest to streamline i Tunes, and it’s no longer available there.

However, there are actually two types of i Tunes U content: collections and public courses, and they’ve moved to different places.

The bad news is you probably pulled your hair out before googling the answer.

The good news is we have more ways to customize our i Tunes experience.

This is useful if the application update is very large, and downloading from the cellular network is cost-prohibitive or difficult if you have a bad signal.During a wireless update, you might see a message that says the update can't be installed because it needs more space than you have on your device.If you see this message, there are a few ways you can update your device: If there isn't enough space to download and install an update, i OS 9 tries to make more space.Let’s look at those first, and then double back to apps.A New Building for i Tunes U -- Apple launched i Tunes U in 2012 as part of a broader strategy for providing tools for the education market (see “Apple Goes Back to School with i Books 2, i Books Author, and i Tunes U,” 19 January 2012).