Updating aacs key

Under CSS, all players of a given model group are provisioned with the same shared activated decryption key.

Content is encrypted under the title-specific key, which is itself encrypted under each model's key.

AACS uses cryptography to control and restrict the use of digital media.

It encrypts content under one or more title keys using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Thus each disc contains a collection of several hundred encrypted keys, one for each licensed player model.

In principle, this approach allows licensors to "revoke" a given player model (prevent it from playing back future content) by omitting to encrypt future title keys with the player model's key.

When I try and update my AACS key, the update hangs and will never finish Win DVD will hang during the update for the AACS key if you have Internet Explorer 8 and the UAC (User Account Control) turned on.

The player I believe is a viao branded version of windvd with blue ray support.

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Furthermore, the inclusion of a shared key across many players makes key compromise significantly more likely, as was demonstrated by a number of compromises in the mid-1990s.

Power DVD 12.0.3519.58 cannot play "BRICK MANSIONS" blu-ray. When I click on OK it immediately shows another dialog box that the update was done.

But then it does not play the movie it just returns to the player's start screen and when I start the movie again it repeats the procedure asking me to update the AACS key...

Title keys are decrypted using a combination of a media key (encoded in a Media Key Block) and the Volume ID of the media (e.g., a physical serial number embedded on a pre-recorded disc).

The principal difference between AACS and CSS, the DRM system used on DVDs and CDs, lies in how the device decryption keys and codes are organized.