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And your code appears to be doing that (modifying the recordset), you just need to find the most recent record for the file you just uploaded and modify that record. I understand Share Point's version control to be designed specifically to capture both content and metadata updates. There is no direct interface for loading a document with metadata from Access 2010. Set obj XML = New XMLHTTP 'Create Object("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") Dim byt Binary() As Byte Dim str Share Point Url As String Dim str Share Point File Name As String Dim str File Name As String Re Dim byt Binary(lng File Length) Open str Fullfile Name For Binary As #1 Get #1, , byt Binary Close #1 ' Convert to variant to PUT.I haven't ever used sharepoint so I still have questions as we try to work through this. The problem is that I need to upload the Doc AND the metadata in ONE transaction. I have to do it on ONE transaction so that I can avoid creating an additional Revision. If you have never used Share Point then I think you'll not be able to assist? The basic gist of it is (as it stands) You upload the file, but the sharepoint information on your sharepoint table isn't being stored in the way you want, so after the upload happens you are having to modify the existing sharepoint record. I really need help from someone who has done this successfully in the past with MS Access 2010 and Share Point 2010/2013. End If Else ' Check In Document whether it needs it or not! Status Text 'At ths point we know the Share Point Metadata was updated so update the temporary record . See: found the solution to my problem soon after I posted this, so 2 years later this is what I wrote. I've included a few references and some comments that might also help someone one day too. Status Text '& " :: " & obj XML.response Text If obj XML. Error Message & "File:" & str File Name & " Status:" & obj XML.

A Share Point Doc Lib must have a document and metadata, i.e.Originator, True) str Meta Data = str Meta Data & "; Project" & ";" & "IW" & "|" & CStr(m_col Projects. Transmittal Date)), "dd mmm yyyy hh:nn:ss") End If str Meta Data = str Meta Data & "; Vendor Data ID" & ";" & "SW" & "|" & URLEncode(! Document Type "" Then str Meta Data = str Meta Data & "; Document Type" & ";" & "IW" & "|" & CStr(m_col Document Types. Document Type)) End If str Meta Data = str Meta Data & "; Document Revision" & ";" & "SW" & "|" & ! Revision Date, "") "" Then str Meta Data = str Meta Data & "; Revision Date" & ";" & "TR" & "|" & Format(To UTC(! Vendor Data ID, True) str Meta Data = str Meta Data & "; Facility Code" & ";" & "IW" & "|" & CStr(m_col Facility Codes. Revision Date), "dd mmm yyyy hh:nn:ss") End If str Meta Data = str Meta Data & "; Approval Status" & ";" & "SW" & "|" & ! These fields can be required of not and can be any sort of data that is defined when the Document Library is created.This is all done in a single transaction so that one 1 revision is created.