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To see if the Flash plugin is working and what version is being used, visit one of these pages: If Flash is not installed, this may trigger the Plug-in Finder Service, which you can use to download and install the Flash plugin on Windows (see below).

At time of writing, the Plug-in Finder Service is triggered but fails to install the Flash plugin on Linux or Mac OS in Firefox 3 and above (you will need to manually download and install the plugin).

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Note that recent installers are only helper applications that download the actual application from the Adobe site, thus they are smaller in size than previous downloads.You can also make sure all other plugins are up-to-date by updating your plugins.Note: If you are using any of these browsers mentioned below, they will automatically prompt you to upgrade whenever a new version is detected.Before we begin, make sure you understand the risks associated with running the now-unsupported Adobe Flash on your device -- About phone / About tablet to see what you’re running.If you’re on Jelly Bean, check that you have a stock browser installed besides Google Chrome, as Chrome for Android doesn’t support Flash.