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Some of them have been published in the form of monographs. The variations in sound are brought about by pressing'the skin near the rim with the four fingers.

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Generation of data on various aspects - historical, textual, scientific and other areas has been the primary object of organising these seminars on Talavadyas. 1 Ghana (Solid): What are the ingredients of the 'Composition’?There should be concern for everyone; that too is important.This is the art of living - take everything along; social responsibility, integrity, sadhana, satsang, everything.J, Vceraragha v Delhi Vl Y TSLAVSDYA SEMINAR-2 Proceedings of The Talavadya Seminar No. He was the most famous mridanga and Khanjari Vidwan in the early part of this century. .■ ■■ .■ ■ x ■ X-:- -Vs ■' S *T ■ JT « ■: ■; x ■: :■ x-x x.x- x x x :• x xc xx.x-x x ■. .■ .■ ■: .■ \: : .x xxx-vx x-xx-xkx :■ ■iv'-x-x::-:-;- ?2 and Allied Papers Compiled and Edited by Bangalore K. Purushotham for their efforts in correcting the proofs and especially to Kalavathy for runningaround for the press and carrying out the allied jobs. He was influenced by Tanjavur Krishna bhagavatar, Tanjavur Pakkiri, 45 Naray a naa warny Appa and other Vid wans He blossomed first as a Ghata Vidwan iari r a 4 ! « direct disciple of sad guru wamv Iyer was an expert Ghata Vidwan. -*** sb^Bedtft i^djaedds rizbvffo -ssri^t * I There is a membranophone described in Sangitarathn S'kara (6*1086- 1091 ab;616) called ghadasa.