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If you wish to extend another ORM then look at the wiki page for more information.

It is not required that you use a shim, but you will not catch errors when the attribute value is invalid and evaluated to nil.

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When I clicked the link for the Telegraph Media Group, I was taken to the website for the Telegraph, a UK newspaper, which has been owned by David and Frederick Barclay since 2004.

I also was optimistic that with the extension, this would be a site for people in or looking for someone in the United Kingdom.

Since the UK has been on my vacation wish list for years, I thought a site based in the UK would be a nice way to kill two birds with one stone.

Using the I18n system to define new defaults: en: errors: messages: invalid_date: "is not a valid date" invalid_time: "is not a valid time" invalid_datetime: "is not a valid datetime" is_at: "must be at %" before: "must be before %" on_or_before: "must be on or before %" after: "must be after %" on_or_after: "must be on or after %" Note: There is no :between_message option.

In order to create nice, user-friendly forms, good client-side validation is also usually involved.