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After messing around with so many LAME frontends that offer little to no extra functionality to emulators I finally found the quot diamond in the.FEEL is a front end for videogame emulators especially designed for usage on a home cabinet highly customizable ideal for integrating any emulation system MAME. A graphical and themeable emulator front end that allows you to access all your favorite games in one place even without a keyboard.

m Galaxy is the best and easiest Mame arcade and gaming console emulator frontend layed out in a neat and nice interface.Download Hardcade Frontend Multi Emulateur for free Frontend arcade mame kawaks bsnes nebula megadrive snes finalburn Hardcade is an interface Front End.Maximus Arcade Multi Platform Emulator Front End for Windows Media Center One of my personal holy grails of my gaming life is to have a single machine that I can.MAME Front Ends The almost Can be configured to any emulator and Very popular and simplistic front end for Linux Ubuntu and Windows.Best Android Emulator Frontend 01 30 2015 07 42 I have been looking at frontends for Android The two i have been looking at are 1 Retro Arch 2 Gamesome.