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She said she was going to reach out to Lansing to see what we could do to get my tires there the next day for installation before our road trip on 10/28/17.

I told her I was at work and could not remain on hold, she agreed to call me back.

We knew they were building in Lansing where we live so figured we would commute to the Kalamazoo location for some months and then switch.

I asked about having tires delivered to Lansing for installation with the deal they had ending 10/16/17.

I would like someone to contact me regarding this matter.I said well no one has called me to setup installation. She advised give it the full 7-10 days and I told them they were the ones who told me 2-3 days.We agreed I was misinformed and I waited until 10/26/17 before I called Kalamazoo again.They advised me to call the number for more information.I did and the clerk kept me on hold and on the phone for almost an hour before she said they do not know why the tires had just shipped.