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Though the duo have been linked before, in early 2015, they are both single, consenting individuals.

They can go on a few dates together, see where things are going, and not consider it a relationship immediately. Bella especially has been super open about her relationship status since she's been in the spotlight, so the best source to go to here are the stars themselves.

If things go too far, you may have to end the relationship.

Initially your child will probably despise you for this — threatening to run away or to continue to see the boyfriend or girlfriend regardless of what you say.

This too shall pass, but not without your kid making you feel like a real heel.Well, try to keep a cool head yourself, make sure that the lines of communication with your child remain open, and that you are not judgmental (at least until you see the boyfriend’s rap sheet! Also, try the following with your child: Use the “relationship” as a jumping off spot for communication.Get to know your child’s interests, friends and how he or she wishes to be perceived by others via the boyfriend or girlfriend.They'll label this — with whatever label they choose — if and when the time comes.OK — your 13-year-old daughter comes home from school and dreamily announces that she’s in love with the hottest guy in her grade.