Taylor swift dating kanye

Rhys Halkidis, one of the Facebook event’s hosts, calculated that “Hey Mama” can be played in full 144 times over the course of 12 hours.This means that it would take 31,250 fans streaming the song on repeat for a waking day in order for “Hey Mama” to hit 4.5 million plays, which would be slightly more than the daily streams for “Look What You Made Me Do” on August 27.The internet has been totally devoured by the latest chapter in the long-running feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, an interpersonal conflict that stretches back all the way to the halcyon days of 2009.When West’s wife Kim Kardashian posted a series of Snapchat videos capturing a recorded conversation between Swift and West about his controversial song "Famous," it spawned more questions than any piece of video this side of the finale.Most importantly she is planning on releasing it on the anniversary of Kanye’s mother, Donda West’s death — November 10.[…] Please all share this around to get as wide a reach as possible and outstream Taylor, simultaneously showing respect for Donda and utmost support for Kanye himself.” A Facebook event was created on August 28th, and since then, over 2,200 fans have expressed interest in participating.

West gets to prove he asked and received some form of approval from Swift regarding "Famous," and Swift gets to hinge her defense on a part of the song that went undetailed in their conversation.When the song is released, Swift decides to position herself as the innocent party being victimized by West’s uncouth stylings, a position she reinforces with her speech at the Grammys.When she finds out that West has a recording of their conversation, she attempts to bury the footage so it doesn’t undermine her public response to the song.is currently scheduled to be released on the anniversary of the death of Kanye West’s mother, Donda West.Kanye fans might already be on the defensive since it feels a lot like “Look What You Made Me Do” is about the drama between the two, although it doesn’t seem like Kanye or Kim Kardashian really care.