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I can’t believe that, of all people, Eric Abetz would even think of buying into the dual citizenship debate.

as recorded on Tasmanian Times ( John Hawkins’ questions for Eric Abetz ) …… I also know that Senator Di Natale has been open about his, but it has been brought to my attention that one person in this chamber has not been willing to clear up public speculation and doubts about their efforts to rid themselves of dual citizenship when they were duly first elected: Senator Eric Abetz. He has previously said he would publicly release documentation, but I understand he has not done so …

“These UK Overseas Territories provide a cover of darkness so that our tax office can’t see if the Australian people are being rorted ……

The THA is nothing more than the veneer behind which the commercial interests of large EGM hotels function - a presentable façade of public concern behind which the engine of commercial self-interest runs so smoothly.

Yet it’s not really surprising: he would be an expert in the question of dual citizenship.

Australia has just witnessed the last Holden vehicle to come off the factory conveyor.