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She examines her own life and the many influences that have fed into her novels.She also tells of the many fascinating coincidences that have happened to her over the years at key moments of creativity.He presents many of the designs that his architectural firm has created for companies around the world. Elizabeth Gilbert: A Different Way to Think About Creative Genius Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert examines the way society looks at artists and the way artists look at themselves in this TED talk.She feels that the creative people should view their work as channeling God's creative gift to them rather than as their own personal creative genius.We've generally left out the really short TED talks and the ones that are more entertainment rather than educational.We'll be updating this list as we find better and better TED talks in the years to come.We've divided the top 100 list up by categories and ranked the TED talks within each category according to the ones we enjoyed the most.We've embedded all these TED talks on pages on our site along with linking over to TED's site which offers many of them on MP3 audio & video download.

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