Takahashi ai dating

In the May 26 broadcast of Young Town Doyoubi (a radio show with Takahashi Ai, Fujimoto and Akashiya Sanma), she confirmed that the pictures were of her, and that she had been going out with Tomoharu Shoji.

She also mentioned that she was going to talk to the head of UP-FRONT AGENCY, Yamazaki Naoki, about the situation.

She auditioned for avex dream 2000 in 1999, singing "Depend on you" by Hamazaki Ayumi, but did not pass.

The following year, in 2000, Fujimoto participated in the 3rd Morning Musume Auditions hoping to become a 4th generation member.

On February 11, after over six months away from the public, it was announced that Fujimoto would release a single entitled "Okitegami." The single, a collaboration with fellow Up-Front singer Takao Horiuchi, was released on April 23.

Through extensive promotion it eventually sold over 24,000 copies.

In October 2002, she was placed in the one-shot unit, Gomattou, with two other prominent pop soloists under Hello! On February 5, she released her single, Boogie Train ‘03.

On May 24, Fujimoto was rumored to be in the latest edition of the Japanese gossip magazine Friday—the same magazine responsible for the cancellation of Kago Ai's contract—pictured walking with Shoji Tomoharu, a member of the comedy duo Shinagawa Shoji.

Friday explained that they had a two-hour dinner together, drove to Fujimoto's apartment, then went to the sauna, returning to Shōji's apartment just after midnight.

Even though she didn't make it to the finals, Hello!

Project offered her training lessons for a shot to debut one day.