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That day and over several others that followed, their daughter saw for herself that I was their friend and that when her mother would kiss me at the door (like she would her husband and not like I was family); her father would just smile and tell me he was happy I could make it.

When I put my arm around her with my fingers brushing the bottoms of her breasts to hug her to me I knew their daughter would watch her father for a reaction and when she saw only a positive one, she just went back to what she’d been doing before I arrived.

This way, without explaining anything, their daughter began to feel comfortable that things were just fine with mom and dad and she pretty much quit paying me any attention when I was there and she was, in fact, the first to refer to me as her mother’s boyfriend.

I think she meant it rather innocently – as in her mothers friend who is a boy, but I’m it sure had the cuckold swollen in his sweatpants and knotted in his stomach.

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The wife would come meet me and we’d spend a couple hours at a club usually before going back to my place (some nights I’d have him dress her in nothing but lingerie and she’d come straight to my place).By that point we could date openly and the idea of her mom and I going out was just another item on the schedule like getting homework done before watching TV.I would sometimes stay overnight after bringing her home and the eldest was surprised the first time I was there in the morning, but didn’t really seem to care one way or the other beyond that.I would inspect her in front of him; lift her skirt, check she was soft and smooth (and naked under her skirt) and sometimes make her go change if I didn’t approve of something he chose for her.By the time we left there’d be a big wet spot of pre-cum, or cuckold tears as I call it, showing in his sweat pants where his erection was bobbing around.