Stinky women fetish dating

I'd kind of forgotten just how much,because after this bottle was finished I moved on to Mon Boudoir which is a different animal all together.After sitting here for 20 minutes or so with the bottle under my nose I'm no further forward with the review.Just like a boudoir, the fragrance defines a private and intimate space, charming and seductive, while touching the woman's skin, neck and decollete.It was designed by Martin Gras with an intention to create a fragrance that will make all men turn their heads after the woman that wears it when the smell wafts past them.The base brings patchouli, warm and milky sandal wood, tobacco leaves, cinnamon and powdery soft vanilla. The top is made as a globe encircled by a ring, which symbolize the power of femininity. I wore it everywhere and anywhere no daytime/night time divide for me.Anyway I just had a whiff from the bottle and it really does pack quite a punch.It opens with aldehydes that are quiet, subdued, and whispery.

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It is dedicated to a feminine and strong woman, with accentuated sexuality.I don’t know if anyone gets the same impression, but I think swimsuits had a distinctive smell many years ago when you bought them brand new, and so did shapewear, especially the items which had the little suspender tabs.Maybe those items - which were elastic or spandex based - were permeated with a certain product which made them smell that way?The top notes are aldehydes, sweetly-fresh bergamot, hyacinth, and orange blossom.The heart is sweet and opulent with jasmine, luscious rose, narcissus, carnation, orris root, cardamom and coriander.