Statistics dating older men younger women

The age difference doesn't show up when they're riding horses or racing down the slopes on a ski vacation. Eager to get the education she missed when she was younger, Latorre is enrolled full-time in college and plans to go to law school as well.

A mother of four -- her oldest is 12 -- she is preparing to launch a career for the first time.

Others thought he was just rebounding from his previous relationship that lasted eight years but never ended in marriage. My mother was concerned and wanted to know why I “had” to get married so quickly.

She liked him but didn’t see any reason to get married, at least not that soon.

Now our May-December romance turned into what everyone thought was a shotgun wedding, and then we got some serious questions, slanted looks, and not so friendly responses.

At first, his friends and coworkers would make comments like you “cradle snatcher” or “you’re really robbing the cradle with this one.” People say these things as innocent jokes, but they certainly aren’t complimentary terms.

That drained us emotionally, physically, and financially.

When one of us is feeling down or doubtful the other one seems to be feeling motivated and upbeat.

Well I didn’t have a reason, except for the fact that I wanted to. At that time in my life, marriage, kids, and some white picket fence in the suburbs weren’t on my radar.

I’d recently been promoted, was working my way through college, and had just bought my first house.