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Maybe it also protected me at times from the things I didn't need to see…

Here's how that mind-set played out back in first grade.

Frequency therapy is a drugless alternative to general health and welfare.

Our Dr Royal Rife Resonator is legally licensed as a Class II, type BF medical device for use by medical practitioners in their practices. “Shatter your illnesses like an opera singer shatters a crystal glass.” You can really afford to treat yourself with a Rife.

They carry both a Department of Health license in South Africa and a CE mark for Europe(CE 0543, SA License no: 402/6568).

The following instructions are not intended to replace the manual.

She's a quiet, detailed, cautiously safe door locker, and I'm a wild, obnoxious break-every-rule-in-the-book risk taker."6.

There are hard moments in life when you see yourself for the that you are.

, Chip pulls the curtain back on his and wife Joanna Gaines' home remodeling empire.

Readers will get to know the fun-loving HGTV star like never before, as he discusses life growing up in Coleyville, Tex., descending into a "deep depression" over his failed baseball career and the moment Jo expressed her desire to shut Magnolia Homes down forever.

The Rife Resonator Model “E” is very simple to use and comes with a comprehensive manual.

It has 470 pre-programmed channels to maximize ease of use.