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The low level of SRH knowledge, the incidence of adolescent pregnancy (5.3% of registered pregnancies) and various other factors such as high levels of stigma and discrimination around HIV and incidence of gender-based violence and attitude towards women show that implementation of the programme is less than satisfactory.It is in this context that it is interesting to note that in the past few years, there has been a propagation of various online platforms providing sexuality education.Happy Life does not require signing up and the information is freely available for anyone interested.The site prioritizes the user’s confidentiality and the protection of their the privacy, and explicitly states so.Both websites are trilingual, catering to Sinhala, Tamil and English languages.

A plant fungus called coffee leaf rust is ruining some coffee crops across Central America.

And Denmark is considering a ban on elective circumcision.

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National and international NGOs produce these platforms, often in partnership with various state institutions.

The latest such platform is being promoted as “Sri Lanka’s first self-learning comprehensive sexuality education website”.