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"The duress you could be under, believing you're the target of a criminal investigation, is scary.They know the buzzwords.""Investigations involving the possession of sexually explicit photographs are not conducted in this manner," the department urges.The people behind what Lige called a "textbook extortion scheme" will claim, using the names of current Ann Arbor police officials, that they've been in contact with the family of the underage girls whose pictures had supposedly been posted. Then they'll quote a price and say that if the money is paid, the victim won't be prosecuted.

Then the hacker will claim to have "possession of sexually explicit photos of an underage female," found on the victims' social media accounts.Cantwell, 36, has received backlash after his appearance in VICE Media’s documentary on the Charlottesville protest.He’s also been banned from Facebook and other tech platforms.Extortion schemes in online dating have existed since there's been online dating.But a new form of the scheme has victimized the Ann Arbor Police Department.