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“I was just hoping people will be respectful and interested,” says Tuna.But as the people of Shepparton began to file into the event, it became clear that this dating night was to be peaceful.Its no surprise that Speed Dating was a concept just waiting to happen...We hold Speed Dating Events in all the major capital cities of Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast.There were mothers and daughters, young couples, teachers, and even members of the local Indigenous community.One young man, when asked by our reporter why he decided to attend, cited that he was Aboriginal and he believed that as such, all minorities should support each other and “..educate others.” Hanife Coskun is a fourth-generation Shepparton local who describes her family as “very Aussie”. Hanife no longer wears the head covering, and says that many people are not aware she is Muslim.

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It's a meetup with a difference, designed to provide a safe space for non-Muslims to meet Muslims, ask questions and smash racial boundaries.She says she attended the event to help bridge the social gap in her local community between the Muslim and non-Muslim families.“When I first converted, my family were scared,” says Coskun.Under colourful umbrellas on local bar The Deck, Hana’s cheery crew of Melbourne Muslims fanned out among the crowd, each woman pairing off with a handful of Shepparton locals.Of note was the heartwarming scene of interfaith couples pairing off - an older Shepparton woman in a floral frock and neatly applied makeup sitting happily by a woman dressed in the full niqab, chatting about the heat.