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Train spotters dutifully note down the number of D9018 Ballymos passing York on the 'down' train on 13th August 1962.A top lamp iron has been fitted above the headcode panel on the nose to allow the locomotive to carry a named-train headboard.Past Copley Hill shed - with on a half mile breather just beyond Wortley South Box.This was followed by a further climb through Beeston Junction and Tingley Tunnel to Ardsley.Some magnificent smoke affects were to be seen as engines tackled this bank out of Leeds.Her Class A4 60013 Dominion of New Zealand makes a spirited departure with the up 'White Rose for Kings Cross Steam engine crews on the non-stop Anglo-Scottish turns changed by means of the corridor tenders fitted to most Gresley Class A4 Pacifics, but the non-stop record was discontinued at the commencement of the EE Deltics (Class 55s) reign when a Newcastle stop was introduced for changing crews.The train was named to mark the Silver Jubilee of King George V, and the first four A4s Nos 2509-12 carried names with a silver theme and emerged from Doncaster 'Plant' in a startling silver-grey livery to match the train set.Still going strong, Class A4 60021 Wild Swan passes Holgate station with the northbound 'Flying Scotsman' in the late Fifties.

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Unofficially designated DP1 - 'Diesel Prototype One' - the English Electric Co 3,300hp Co-Co 'Deltic' diesel prototype was sponsored by the company in order to assess their marine Napier-Deltic engine in rail use.

Fireman Mungo gets stuck in…the train picks up speed and the clickety-clack or wheels over rail joints increases in tempo. Okay, perhaps 60 mph might be regarded as somewhat pedestrian by today's standards, but it was exemplary in view of the poor state of the ECML at that time.

Here Class A4 60028 Walter K Whigham heads the southbound train through York.

(Below) In the summer of 1955, a young seven year-old train-mad Roy Lambeth was accompanying his dad on a visit to Wharton Park in Durham.

His dad chose a vantage point just behind Durham South Signal Box where they could watch trains crossing Durham viaduct, and it was this visit that started Roy's lifetime love of steam and railways.