Speed dating under the mistletoes

' Speaking of Christmas, look what we're standing under! ' Well look at that, there sure is' Zayn says narrowing his eyes at them. We'd be happy to take our girl crushes on Ashley Graham to the next level this holiday season.The plus-size model may be married but we'd still be down for a little girl-on-girl under the mistletoe.If funnyman Paul Rudd isn't exactly your type, maybe A$AP Rocky is more your speed.The 28-year-old rapper is on the rise and he's totally single this season, unless though Kendall Jenner rumors turn out to be true.

There are a few places left so head to pronto and don’t forget your cossie (unless that’s all part of your wicked plan). Just letting you both know' Zayn says winking. ' Heeey love, Merry Christmas' He says giving you a quick kiss on the cheek. You suddenly realise what you're doing, your brain processing the situation. LOUIS: You and Louis are both standing against the wall at a Christmas Party, talking and basically in splits. You both look like you're lost in your own world. She looks absolutely gorgeous* Louis thinks watching you laugh. He says nothing but silently hangs a mistletoe above you and winks at Louis and walks away. HARRY: Harry's been head over heels in love with you for the past 3 months and he realises it's gone on for too long. He looks around the Christmas party and sees you standing with another guy, drink in your hand. ' Alright, that's it' Harry says going to the door and pulling off the mistletoe. ' I should be playing in the winter snoooow but Imma be under the Mistletoe' Niall sings his voice sounding like an angels. He's wearing the jumper you brought him and he looks adorable, his hair messy. You kiss him back, pressing your lips against his, tasting a hint of hot choclolate. ' We're standing under a mistletoe, silly' he says pulling you in. ' That was the best kiss I've ever gotten' he whispers and pecks you on the cheek. star Luke Evans is one of the hottest celebrities on the market and a perfect candidate for a Christmas smooch.He's fresh off his role as the hunky hunter Gaston; plus, he's totally single this year!