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What we do instead is put that money to work toward the things that will help you find a spouse - such as more events, different types of events, cell phone, plus, and a first ever, your own dedicated translator who will help you every step of the way.This also allows you to expand your dating prospects to include more than just English-only speaking women.We contact ladies when a client has requested to meet them within a few weeks of the tour date.However, you will see from the photos of our past Quest Romance Tours that many of the ladies on the site do attend the events and clients do get to meet many of them.Taxi services you may request during the week for your dates are readily available and cheap.Your translator/guide will help coordinate any private transportation you might need on your own outside of the organized events.

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Food is provided at the Meet Your Translator Dinner, Group Speed Dating events, and Finale event. The hotels we use provide a simple breakfast and internet access.

We would learn of this when we contact them just prior to your Quest Romance Tour and they would not be invited and the profile would be marked “inactive” and not displayed on the site.

A main purpose the profiles serve is to learn about the type of lady you wish to meet.

The first 7 is not-refundable, but any other money paid toward a specific trip will be refunded upon written request if made 30-Days prior to departure.

Refund requests made within 20 to 30 days of departure will be accepted less 0.