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Thank you very much.​​I request all updates from the Oregon Health Authority to the governor's office, submitted after July 24, 2017, on the agency's work to clear the backlog of Medicaid eligibility checks ("redeterminations").

​​· A list of all Twitter accounts blocked by @Oregon Gov Brown (the official Twitter account of the Governor of Oregon).

Chauhan," "state Medicaid operations director" or "chief health systems officer." Thank you for your time and attention to my request.​​Hello, I would like to obtain an updated VCP & ICP Excel file for the entire state.

Please provide all documentation regarding the Governor's request to federal authorities for firefighting help: the exact request made, through what channels, to whom, with what level of formality, and the details of the federal denial.​ PARTIAL RESPONSE 9/19/17.​Any and emails, text messages or other documents/records from the Trump administration denying Gov. In the event that any such communications took place via phone calls or text messages, I am seeking either notes from the calls, including who was on them and who said what; and/or copies of text messages about the fire between the governor's office and federal representatives.This information can easily be accessed, when logged in as @Oregon Gov Brown, by going to https://twitter.com/settings/blocked and printing out or saving the resulting list.· A list of all Facebook accounts blocked by Governor Kate Brown (the official Facebook account of the Governor of Oregon).​​Please, provide electronic copies of any communication, written, typed, texted or left in an audio recording in the month of August 2017 to or from Gov.Kate Brown, or a member of her office, that contain the phrases: "Varsha Chauhan," "Varsha," "Dr.