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There were several restrictions between Carmarthen, Cardiff and through the Severn Tunnel to Swindon.

P&O ferries to Calais faced delays of at least three hours while in Scotland the main road to Cairnryan was closed due to flooding although the ferries were still able to operate.

London bound trains will call at either platform 0 or 2 while platform 1 will be used by terminating trains.

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26 October 2017 RAIL INCOME FALLS Passenger numbers fell by 2.7% during the first quarter of 2017-8 compared with a year earlier.

Apparently a special trip for staff was operated but with some work still to be completed it was considered not worth while attempting to run for a brief season. REDHILL The station facilities are being expanded to meet congestion problems due to rising traffic.

Work has begun on building a Platform 0 for the surprisingly high sum of £50m.

I now find a bouncier, softer look much more flattering. I’ve been using the same ten Remington Electric Rollers — that cost £18 — for the past 20 years and they still do the trick.

The best way I’ve found to get back into exercise, has been with a Vibrapower Disc (£99.99, uk) — a vibration plate, with 20 speed settings.