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All also wore jeans (naturally) an assortment of garish and mismatching tops, and had hair that looked as if they’d fallen asleep in a tumble dryer while it was set to the fast spin programme. Lieke and the rest of the ladies took their seats and met their first Lions.

The colossal stadium that will serve as our playground for the night will be transformed to create an intimate and mesmerising ambiance.AMF will seek to bring together thousands of dance music lovers from all walks of life, to create a collective feeling of togetherness.AMF is a night where beliefs and backgrounds melt together to create a place that escapes the reality of our world’s imperfections, and together, we will share a feeling of freedom.Twenty Lions and twenty Antelope signed up and paid some money to attend the event, which in this case, was held above a popular eetcafe.Lieke attended with her best friend, who in spite of having a boyfriend decided to go along just for the fun of it, and was even open for a bit of tongue wrestling if the right Lion took her fancy.