Speed dating 50 questions

When you only have two minutes for a date, it kind of feels like an interview.25.If you're weird with a bag over your head, you're probably weird without a bag on your head.26.Bringing a dog to a speed dating event is very polarizing — it'll either make you look like a bonafide animal lover, or a peacocking pickup artist. Sitting with a bag on your head for 44 minutes = nose chafing.28. You see people with drinks and regret showing up to the event five minutes before it started.29.Going into speed dating sober is like trying to explain Tinder to your 91-year-old grandfather. Even days after speed dating with a bag over your head, you feel sensitive to seeing paper bags — they dredge up the horrible memories.31.Initially, we were under the impression that this was a media event and that everyone there was planning on writing a story.When we arrived, we were told to not mention that we worked for Buzz Feed, or that we were going to write about the experience.We soon discovered that while most (if not all) of the women were there for free as media coverage, all of the men had paid for what they thought would be a genuine dating event.As the night progressed, more and more of the men caught on that the women were writers and appeared to feel anxious about the possibility of being written about. Making some people pay for an event you're hosting and then letting in media for free is kind of crappy, especially when it comes to paying money to speed date.

The whole time you're at the event you are really wishing that your best friends were here to see this.

And every time you look down at it you think, "Please, God, let this be the last one."52.

When you are finally "unveiled" in a moment of sheer awkwardness, you will immediately look for the person you had the best conversation with to see what he looks like, thus judging his looks anyway.53.

Having a bag over your face makes you feel like a cartoon character.32.

Having fun facts on your bag makes it awkward when no one gets yours.33.