Skype sexy video chat

The next day they paid their invoice and the website and copy writing is now all under way.

By the end of the year I think they are going to have a pretty cool blog and product ready to go.

So when the blog got turned off I ended up with nothing. I had previously built a website for them and we were discussing a new blog that they were desperate to get me on board with. I had content plans, product ideas and website design drafts to show them.

Excitement was building but no money had changed hands and something always seemed to pop up.

With Skype for i Phone and i Pad hitting over 120 million downloads earlier this month, we thought now was the perfect time to compile a list of fun hidden Skype emoticons.

Skype already has a bunch of fun preloaded emoticons for you to choose from, like the Emo guy (emo), the dancing guy (\o/) and, of course, the ever popular puking smiley (puke).

And given a choice between an SMS and an email I’d rather send the email. Sure, it’s nice for us to stay in our pyjamas all day and talk to our clients and potential clients by email instead of meeting up for a coffee. Or the people who might want to buy your expensive product.

Yes we bloggers like to use email and social media to stay in touch. And Skype offers us a way to “have a coffee” with clients and potential clients anywhere in the world and possibly create a whole new revenue stream.

So why is it that talking on Skype or meeting a person for lunch can be so much more powerful for selling a product or creating an important alliance? One of the most common questions that you guys asked on my unmasking post was about how we can speed up the whole process. Do the Blog Tyrant — unmask If you are blogging anonymously I think it might be time to consider getting your face out there. Collaboration potential – arrange Skype chats with bloggers whenever possible This is probably the most important point because by getting on Skype with bigger guys in your industry you often open up a lot of doors to new collaborations.You see the problem with us bloggers is that we are all quite tech-savvy.Maybe it is a Gen-Y thing but given a choice between a phone call and a text message, I’d much rather send a quick SMS. Nor the people who want to collaborate with you on big new projects.But within that narrow spectrum of teaching and following there are vital business practices being overlooked.This is not another “ And it might make you a lot of cash. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you’ll know that my money doesn’t just come from Blog Tyrant.