Skype names nude chat

Then there is the issue of Skype’s much touted encryption.

Skype has been so dearly beloved by activists and dissidents because its end-to-end encryption was supposed to make its calls impregnable to listening ears.

You can also use the app Text Secure to encrypt your text messages.

And remember, if you have malware on your computer, any call can be intercepted, no matter what software you use.

Once they have your IP address, they can see where your are currently located and track your movements.

For those who might be wanting to hide where they are, this is obviously a no-no.

However, there are some things journalists should be clear on when using Skype.

Snapchat warned of this potential scenario days prior in a blog post, saying a security group had alerted it about a potential vulnerability "by which one could compile a database of Snapchat usernames and phone numbers."Snapchat is a popular messaging app that lets users send each other photos that quickly disappear. 27, Snapchat described how its Find Friends feature allows users to upload their contact lists to Snapchat as a way of linking up friends.

The company said it had implemented safeguards making an exploit "more difficult to do."Meanwhile, it wasn't the only popular tech service having a difficult start to the new year.

Skype is incredibly popular for making calls and sending instant messages.

Part of its attraction is because it’s cheap and easy to use.