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A young, single person without the responsibilities of a spouse or children must have more flexibility in their schedule, right?Actually the need to maintain friendships and family is not unique to the married or with kids crowd.They may choose to shop in different stores, or even go out for dinner or drinks in places where they are less likely to see a church member.

Youth group gatherings, Bible studies, and church meetings all happen regularly. Many youth leaders end up with 3-5 evenings a week committed to the church, and those times are when most peers have time to go out and socialize.

) The following observations reveal some of the challenges and realities about life as a single, young, youth minister.

Leading a youth ministry inevitably means that personal and professional life will overlap.

I was hired into paid, full-time youth ministry at the age of 24.

I was single, young, male, not dating anyone, and found myself suddenly surrounded by people that dominated my social schedule…romantic dating just got a lot more complicated.