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Finally, it’s good to get competent help in this process.You need to know, regardless of the outcome, that you have done everything possible, given every opportunity, and explored every option.Don’t let yourself be guilt driven, blackmailed, or intimidated into perpetuating the problem. D., therapist in Rolling Hills Estates, California. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by Good

You can encourage and support other outcomes, but not by financing the addictive behaviors. The preceding article was solely written by the author named above.

The process of genuinely helping an adult child is difficult at best and outcomes, regardless of advertising copy, are very uncertain.

Give yourself, your troubled child, and the rest of your family, the benefit of the best opportunities and support available.

An almost universally overlooked aspect of the relationship of older parents to adult addicted children is that the financial support actually rewards the child for their self-destructive choices and behaviors while penalizing the parents, other children, and grandchildren. You can stay clear and not be sucked down in all of the usual “powerlessness” and “disease” model ad copy that only serves to perpetuate and justify addiction-based exploitation.

Drug and alcohol abuse, dependence and addiction are a choice. It’s hard to find effective treatment, but you can look for programs with a multitude of options for clients, a diverse staff (not dominated by “recovering” individuals), aftercare that isn’t limited to attending recovery groups, and a focus on the client’s strengths, interests, and future activities – not on the past, on drinking and using, or helplessness.