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Household production refers to the production of all members of the family compound.

The main building, the home for those members of the kin group who share a residence, is referred to as mal. The extended family continues to have meals together in the mal, even after younger sons move to their own houses within it.

Although it is debated, some historians trace the origins of Kurds to the Medes.

Kurds speak different but related dialects of Kurdish, a member of the Indo-European language group.

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Kurdish communities are divided by the borders of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, and many Kurds also live in various diasporas in Europe.

Kurdish communities are affected by changes in the global capitalist system and by mass migrations due to economic and political pressures.

While they struggle against countervailing cultural pressures, their old traditions are continuously revitalized and some are modified to reflect changing circumstances and outside pressures. A Kurdish household is a patrilineal lineage, assembled around the male head of the family.

Kurdish households have both a male, malxî, and female head, kabanî, with clearly defined duties concerning production, distribution, and consumption allocations.

There are gender and intergenerational inequalities in patriarchal Kurdish households.