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James -18 is a call to flee the lure of sin as well as a call to celebrate the new life we have in Christ.

Mike Leake is the husband of Nikki, father of Isaiah and Hannah, as well as the associate pastor at First Baptist Church, Jasper, Indiana.

Scripture shows us that the pressure of temptation comes from our own hearts.

God doesn't tempt us, but He has provided rescue from our temptation.

But when you are dealing with sexual sin, there is a tremendous amount of shame on both sides…the one who acted out and the spouse who finds out.

When you have shame bubbling up in both spouses and add the pain of betrayal and the devastation of uncovering secrets, you have a situation that is ripe for the Enemy and his lies to sneak in and make matters even worse.

Here are the 5 truths every woman should know when they discover their spouse’s sexual sin: More often than not, your significant other’s issues with pornography or other forms of sexual sin pre-dated you.Led by their stomachs these rats eat what will slowly lead to their undoing.Not only is brodifacoum deadly, it is also patient, which is why it is the key ingredient in mouse poison.Thankfully, God graciously changes our natures so that we can withstand temptation. In James we see that in this age temptation is inevitable. We are tempted to shift blame for our temptation When we feel the pull towards sin and rebellion we are never allowed to shake our fist at God and say, "You made me this way". Temptation is tailored to our "own desire"Sin is attractive to us because we are not yet fully redeemed. Apart from Christ we aren't wise enough to see the poison of sin.James is urging his readers to not give in to temptation because it inevitably leads to death. Truthfully, even if we did see the poison of sin we would still rebel.