Sharepoint 2016 updating lookup filed fieldlookupvalue

Field Look Up Value for each lookup id that needs to be associated to a new record on the list.

The following Java Script snippet shows how a multi-value field can be set to one or many values: We use a field array to define all the controls and fields that need to be processed.

Say you have a lookup column called "Parent Project Name" in "Project Metrics" list, referencing "Project Name" field from "Parent Projects" list as in the above image. Add($Lookup Value) #Add to Collection #Set multi-value lookup field value $New Milestone["Parent Project"] = $Lookup Values $New Milestone.

Now, to set the lookup column, you can use: Where: 2 is the ID of the row in the Parent Projects list where Project name is: Cloud development.

Attributes associated with sp Usermulti:true This parameter is required if “Allow Multi Selection” is set to Yes in Share Point Person or Group Column src:'sps'Is required if data is bound using SPServicesdisplay Field:'[Column Name]' By default , sp User returns the display name of the user account or Group.Power Shell to Set lookup field in Share Point: Here is how to update lookup field in Share Point using Power Shell Add-PSSnapin Microsoft. Powershell -Error Action Silently Continue #Variables $Web URL=" $Parent List Name="Parent Projects" #Lookup Parent List $Child List Name="Project Milestones" #List to add new lookup value $Parent List Lookup Field="Project Name" $Child List Lookup Field ="Parent Project" $Parent List Lookup Value="Cloud Development" #Parent Project value #Get Web and List objects $Web = Get-SPWeb $Web URL $Parent List = $Web. Get List($Child List Name) #Add new item in Child List - Project Milestones $New Item=$Child List. Add() #Set Title field for the new list item $New Item["Title"]="Dec 2014 Milestone" #Get Lookup Item from Parent List $Parent List Lookup Item = $Parent List. Powershell -Error Action Silently Continue #Variables $Web URL=" #Get Web and List objects $Web = Get-SPWeb $Web URL $Parent Projects = $Web. Add($Lookup Value) #Add to Collection #Get an another Lookup Item from Parent List $Parent Project Item = $Parent Projects. Items | where #Set Lookup Field Value in Child List $New Item[$Child List Lookup Field] = $Parent List Lookup Item. Update() #Send the output to screen write-host "Lookup Field value has been updated! Get List("Parent Projects") $Project Mile Stones = $Web. Items | where $Lookup Value = New-Object Microsoft. The letters from different languages are compare in my Google document.A multi-value field column in a Share Point list allows us to store multiple look-up ids.