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And with last year’s Gold-Medal-winning gymnastics hair kerfluffle and soft core porn “sports reels” this is just one of a long, long line of disappointments. How can this ban on “homosexual propaganda” during the games possibly be okay? (Fitness that is Fun and Feasible for Folks of All Ages, Shapes Sizes and Abilities)–available in softcover and e-book versions Buy my DVD: The Fat Chick Works Out! Check out my Training Programs–both in person and via Skype (Starting at just ! And I haven’t even begun to speak yet about the IOC’s response to Russia’s “reassurances” that their laws banning “homosexual propaganda” are still in line with the ideals of the Olympic spirit. We are still a few months out from the Winter Games scheduled to start in February. (A Safe, Easy and Fun Workout for Klutzes, Wimps and Absolute Beginners! The biggest surprise for me was that there is no use of condoms.Prior to porn, I had never had sex without a condom. But for two weeks out of every two years, my entire life stops and I become an Olympiholic. A while back we heard that there are several sports on the chopping block for inclusion in upcoming Olympic games.But the site also states that: The most important reason is to take a better advantage of our female competitors because they are a treasure.

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A major reason why you are so sexy is your attitude. ) who you have not had the opportunity to work with yet and want to very badly and why? As far as I know, I have worked with every possible director that will hire me being that I do not do anal. Since doing Lex the Impaler 6, I have had sex with the very large and very sexy Mandingo. Confidence is key when it comes to either a man or women. I always had fun and accomplished everything I put my mind to, just as I do now. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter if you're not already: @Jenna_Presley!This film has yet to be released, but keep an eye out for it. I also recently did my third interracial for Elegant Angel with LT and I believe this scene is in stores now. Quite frankly, I don't care what you look like, so long as you love yourself, I will be able to love you back. Are there any projects that you would like to promote? I have shot quite a few super hero parodies for Axel Braun and Vivid as Spider Woman. /Jenna_Presley Interview by Apache Warrior My email account: Anal Threesomes Vol.But I have to admit I am fearful that the thing that always drew me to the Olympics–the different countries, the spirit of world community, the focus on the incredible athleticism displayed by the competitors, the sheer joy of watching curling at 3 AM–all of these things may be fading away. Here’s to hoping I can continue to enjoy two weeks of 24-hour Olympics coverage (sans sexist “costumes” and blatant objectification, et avec “curling”) for years to come. So go ahead and leave your mark in the “comments” section. Ollie Odebunmi's involvement in fitness as a trainer and gym owner dates back to 1983.