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Last year a new law was passed that explicitly criminalized sexual harassment — the first in Egypt’s history — that makes the offense punishable by fines and jail time.

A state news site reported that police had arrested 84 men on charges of sexual harassment during this year’s Eid holiday.

So a lot of these guys who act so open-minded end up judging the very women they are in relationships with.

It’s very common to hear guys say, ' I’ll never marry a girl I messed around with,'” Nesma said.

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Since the revolution in 2011 it's become a familiar story: survivors describe getting separated from those they are with and mobbed by crowds of men.

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They retreat into the lobby of an old downtown movie house where the officer interrogates the man who protests saying, “By God, I’m sick,” while she appears to shock him with a taser and slaps him in the face.

Police brutality was one of the factors that sparked the January 2011 revolution.

CAIRO — A well produced viral video starring several young Egyptians has been making the rounds recently on social media sites, sparking heated discussions around issues beyond the well known problem of sexual harassment of women in the streets and on public transport.

It talks about sex — specifically the cause and effect of sexual repression in Egypt as perceived by the creators of the satirical video, and a number of people sharing the video enthusiastically on Facebook.