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The Democracy Score is an average of ratings for the categories tracked in a given year.

At the end of 2012, Macedonia’s governing coalition went to extreme lengths to approve the 2013 national budget, forcibly ejecting journalists and members of the largest opposition party from the National Assembly during the vote.

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Perhaps talk about how you would like to take the time to get to know someone and take things slowly.

Having slightly more conservative attitudes towards sex than the average person is no easy feat in the modern dating world, but it is possible to navigate your way through.

We all just need to get better at talking about sex and not apologising when we do and don’t want it.

Come to think of it, you may actually need your scarf and gloves.

Just because you aren’t ready for a sexual relationship, or indeed don’t believe in having one before you get married, it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve companionship and should miss out on all that dating has to offer.