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The result is that more young people are reading our websites and social media platforms, sharing information with their friends and coming to our events and clinics.

More importantly, they are converting that knowledge to better health behavior — using contraception to avoid unplanned pregnancy and STDs.

Among all women aged 15-19 who need contraceptives, 36 percent of them are not using a modern method.

Our experiences with the two diverse campaigns taught us four important lessons about effectively promoting contraceptives to young people:1. What worked was adopting similar entertaining messages and approaches we were already using to market the Prudence condoms.

And that is why I am so passionate about this work.

Ana Karina De la Vega Millor Ana Karina De la Vega Millor serves as the country director of DKT Mexico and leads DKT International’s efforts in Central America, the Caribbean and Venezuela.

Sometimes it's just a matter of establishing and maintaining appropriate boundaries.

Or is this rather a question of renewing acquaintances with an "old flame" or two? From a certain perspective, maintaining a healthy marriage while wisely managing relationships with members of the opposite sex is no different in cyberspace than it is in the "real" world-for example, at a party, at a high school reunion, or while out to dinner with other couples at a restaurant.