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The app has over 16 million current users so apparently your one night stand application pool is fairly deep. The article partly follows the exploits of 53 year old Ma Yaohai, a professor in Nanjing and two time divorcee who has become an ‘accidental orgiast’ (here’s how I imagine Ma’s first time went down: “Ah, woah, just walked into a room full of people sexing each other…might as well stick around and see if I can slip in without anyone noticing).Well, old, ambitious Ma pretty soon started organizing his own orgies under the screen name “bighornyfire” (awesome) and at one point had around 190 members participating (presumably not all at the same time).All the things that make a great television show if you ask me.Honestly though, I was pretty shocked to see these things on a Chinese TV show.Then the email came where he said he was concentrating on his divorce.He's now engaged to that person he was concentrating on, even though he was still married.

There have been several recent cultural phenomena that are possible signs of such increased sexual liberation in China, or, depending on who you ask, signs of the apocalypse. Photo: 1) Nüren Bang Niu’er – China’s racy new TV show There is an interesting and mildly entertaining new show in China called Nüren Bang-Niu’er (女人帮.妞儿).Didn't know he was having sex with many others at the time.Went in the hospital for some surgery, imagine my surprise to find out he was seeing others and chatting on the site.Please use the Classifieds to advertise your business and unrelated posts made merely to advertise a company or service will be deleted. Met who I thought was a great southern guy on OKcupid, we got along quite famously. Related: Okcupid - My husband used OK cupid to cheat on me We saw each other about 7 times total, texted every day.