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Pros When you work here, they try accommodate their employees schedules, and family life. It almost seems like an attempt to sabotage your licensure (so you will stay longer, as most use this company as a stepping stone only), but it hurts the clients most of all.You get free supervision towards your license which is a huge benefit. You will get a wide variety of clients that can help you figure out your area of focus. Unclear expectations, and no direction or training... Working in a rural environment where there are not a lot of resources and knowing you are adding to the overall health of the community. Everyone I had the opportunity to work with was great. Small town living is not a good long term fit for me. You can't keep employees when they are abused! The people are great from the receptionists to senior management in Sterling. Advice to Management Get your heads out of the ground and figure this out!Most people in charge have zero clinical experience and make decisions solely on a business model.Management is impossible to work with or even get a hold of.Personally build a great relationship with clients. They cut the education programs so you no longer get rewarded for continuing your education.

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Management does not care about their employees OR clients, and it shows--it is all about making a profit and producing numbers.Management is arrogant and ignores the wishes of support staff who continually request more help and support, while running overwhelmed therapists into the ground.Management does not support staff overall if they are going through rough times.I still had interaction with other supervisors but I had one primary. There's lots of opportunity to work with a variety of people, so I'm never bored.Fort Morgan also had a brand new building built this year which has been amazing.