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It is a time to start sorting out your values and decide what is right and wrong.

As part of this, you may start to have strong sexual urges.

Puberty is the time when a boy's body becomes a man's body.

It is a time of much physical and emotional growth.

It is a natural way to explore your body and is quite normal.

You may feel like you are in love one day and not the next. You may also decide to become intimate with others. You can be intimate holding hands, hugging, or kissing.You become more independent and start doing things without your parents.You may be influenced by your friends' ideas and feel pressure to do things that you may not agree with, like using drugs or alcohol.However, it can begin anywhere between 9 and 15 years. Near the beginning of puberty hair grows in the armpits, and you start to have body odor. Testosterone causes the voice box to enlarge, and your voice starts to sound deeper.The physical changes usually take 3 to 4 years to be completed. Since it takes awhile, your voice may go through a squeaky period.