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He loves meat, woodworking, hunting, whisky, and breakfast foods.

Conceived by series creators Michael Schur and Greg Daniels, Ron has been a central character since the pilot episode of Parks and Recreation.which is why he deliberately designed his office to be uninviting to visitors, in part by mounting a double-barreled, sawed-off shotgun on a swivel atop his desk aimed at the guest chair, so it will be pointed at anyone who wants to speak to him, a claymore mine (front-pointed toward enemy), and a Czech hedgehog.Ron also developed a grudging, avuncular affection for April's husband, Andy Dwyer, and decided to give him the "Ron Swanson Scholarship" (0) so Andy can attend one college course: Women's Studies, after Andy and April couldn't afford to pay it.He was born in a small town to Tamara Swanson (referred to as "Tammy 0" by Ron) and a father unnamed in the series.He grew up on a farm in a small town and is shown to have enjoyed woodworking from an early age, building his first chair at age five.