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Diaries include discussion of town churches, the business district, and community life. Record books on all aspects of town business including proceedings of the annual town meetings and meetings of the town board; names of town officers, office held, and tenure; bonds and oaths of office; apportionment of school funds; financial reports of the town board; and records of funds in account with the town treasurer. 1 also includes a report of the Railroad Committee in 1881 (pp. Attendance register containing pupils' names, ages, grade in school, attendance records, and academic grades, teacher's reports of work accomplished, daily school program, record of visitors, and reading circle record.205-210) and summaries of meetings of the Board of Review, 1888-1895 (pp. Attendance registers and grade books, 1868-1946; teacher contracts, 1888-1896; and school district record books including minutes of board meetings, 1868-1941.When visiting or contacting the Archives, be sure to provide all the information in the citation.- Materials can not be checked out but must be used during regular hours of operation.Documents include: petitions, memorials, communications, and claims addressed to the Board; reports of county officers and of Board committees; resolutions and ordinances; and other papers relating to operations, services, finances, planning, and policy of county government.

Proceedings of the County Board of Supervisors, published annually in pamphlet form under the provisions of Wisconsin Laws of 1901, Ch. 3; including the County Clerk's minutes of each meeting of the County Board, and documents considered by the Board at each meeting.You can also directly check the society's website for online information.The second collection is Kitowski/Groshek Collection (click on the link for an explanation.) The third collection is part of the Area Resource Center Collection.The University Archives, located at the UWSP Library (see Map) houses three major collections of interest to Portage County genealogy researchers.The first is the Portage County Historical Society Collection.