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We're talking brand new wood floors and closets, actual water pressure and totally redone lounges.

Broward stands out as the most social dorm because each floor has its own lounge, which connects the boys and girls sides, and gives freshmen the chance to make fast friends while doing homework or watching TV.

"I think I'm a little French, a little English and a little Irish." Genealogy experts Marlis Humphrey and Diahan Southard teamed up to peel away the layers of Jennings' past.

If you are lucky enough to get a spot, most freshmen try to live in Broward, the most social and newly renovated dorm on campus.

"I really didn't know about that side of the family," Jennings said.

Balch built one of the first wooden structures in this country, a house that still stands today as an historic site. I mean, that's so cool," Jennings said, looking at a photo of the house.

"So she is legitimately a daughter of the American Revolution," Humphrey said. "We actually found several close matches," Southard said. The results have Jennings planning trips with her husband and twin boys. so I'll target some places that I have history and we'll learn it," she said.

"In fact, we found exact matches who also shared the Jennings surname." Jennings is 60 percent British, 16 percent Scandinavian and only 13 percent Irish. "I have a lot of research to do now." Copyright 2017 by WPLG Local10- All rights reserved.