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Also, in a recent national sample of sexual behaviors in the United States (from which data for the current study were obtained), masturbation was more common than any partnered sexual behavior among 14- to 17-year-old adolescents.Despite its apparent widespread prevalence, masturbation is a highly stigmatized topic viewed negatively across settings.Conclusions Sexual development is a dynamic process during adolescence, and masturbation is an enduring component of sexuality.Fundamental differences appear to exist between male and female sexual expression.All study protocols were approved by the institutional review board of Indiana University.Data regarding gender, age, race/ethnicity, region of residence, education level, and family income were obtained from Knowledge Networks' participant files.

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” and presented with the following sexual behaviors: “A female gave me oral sex (gave me head)”; “A male gave me oral sex (gave me head)”; “I gave oral sex to a female (I gave head)”; “I gave oral sex to a male (I gave head)”; “I masturbated with another person”; “Someone put their penis in my anus (butt)”; and “I had vaginal intercourse (penis in vagina).” Male participants were also asked about the following: “I put my penis in someone's anus (butt).” In addition, participants were also asked if the indicated partnered sexual behaviors occurred during their most recent sexual experience (answering yes/no for each behavior).

All questionnaire data were collected by Knowledge Networks via the Internet.

Data obtained via Knowledge Networks have been used in other health-related studies, substantiating the validity of such methods for obtaining data from nationally representative samples of the US population.

Health care providers should recognize that many teens masturbate and discuss masturbation with patients because masturbation is integral to normal sexual development.

While one major study of male and female college students found no association, positive or negative, between a history of masturbation during early adolescence and sexual satisfaction during young adulthood, In another study of adolescent females aged 16 to 18, those with negative or indifferent views about masturbation reported negative first sexual experiences compared with those who held positive views of masturbation.