Sex chats with cartoons

\"My kids know me, and they know how much I care for kids.

They know that their dad is not somebody that will go out and hurt a young child.

However, it is in the subtlety of his work that the proof can be found.This was the piece featured in the part of Disney's Fantasia by the same name--the one which has a clearly Satanic theme!This 666 theme ties in with the occult circles, and with the greatest occultist of the 20th century, Alister Crowley, who self identified with that same beast by calling himself \"To Mega Therion\" (\"the Great Beast\"). And do not make the assumption that all of his works are family friendly.Today, we celebrate World Cartoonists Day for all the artists who give shape and voice to the truth, and tickle our funny bone in the process.A look at iconic cartoons from The Hindu across the years The City of Joy as seen by eminent cartoonists, including Bernard Verlhac, popularly known as Tignous, who was killed in the Charlie Hebdo terror attack.