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Then off come the shoes, which also tossed in the bag on top of the skirt.s hands are shackled behind her back and a heavy iron collar is bolted around her neck.A short chain is locked to the collar and 2 courthouse guards, one on each side of the sobbing and naked girl, lead Yvette down the center isle of the packed courtroom.was written in 2008 and is an original work of fiction and is intended for adult readers only.It contains descriptions of acts of violence, forced nudity, public humiliation and non-consensual sexual activities not suitable for many readers.

Anyway, I love flowers and my husband Jack used to send them to me all the time. Then he pulls out the biggest knife IYes, I did not struggle for fear of cutting my own throat. I know that fertilization prevention measures are illegal. I swear my experience with condoms is limited to the 3 wrappers that were found in my bedroom the day I was raped. Even though the Judge is not in the room, this is still a court of law and you can still be cited for contempt, warns the public defender. The important thing is that the prosecutor believes you were having an affair and both he and Jack Look Yvette, you are a young woman with perfect breasts.More pictures are taken as he does the same to the other breast. No surgical implants, no injections sites, no silicone, and very soft, I might add.Just as I suspected; a fertile, married young woman at her breeding prime. Chain her to the floor in the hallway and Bailiff send for the Jailer.s public hallway.They walk very slowly, so everyone can get a good look at As Yvette and her guards are just about to exit the courtroom as the Bailiff announces the next case.The court of the honorable Judge Fairvert hears the case of Cindy Cums, a common whore, vs.