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The win by the 51-year-old, an unemployed cleaner, has helped cement Kilmarnock's reputation as the luckiest place in Britain.

Howard pleaded guilty to charges of making indecent images of children by downloading them, possessing them and sharing them with other paedophiles.Edgar Allan Poe, the horror writer, received some of his early schooling in the town, copying inscriptions from gravestones in the old Laigh Kirk.The famous Johnnie Walker, the dandy of the whisky brand, comes from Kilmarnock; the tipple was first sold as Johnnie Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky.His innocent flatmate was also detained when he was arrested at an Ayrshire address but Howard, who subsequently moved to Catrine, admitted he was the only guilty party, telling officers: “He had nothing to do with it.The images and the videos are on my phone.” Police seized his Samsung mobile which, when examined, revealed he had looked at images showing the “abuse of babies and toddlers.” He admitted he had been looking at indecent pictures for around three years, including images of babies and toddlers being abused, and had visited chatrooms, where users offered to share images, under the username Nappyhead.