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If you want to keep only one card with 0 annual fee, the Citi Prestige is probably your best choice.A new identity, a life-saving kidney, credit card numbers or even the murder of a troublesome business partner are all a few clicks away on the so-called “darknet,” the seedy underbelly of the Internet that search engines don’t plumb and most people never surf.

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Jumio hopes to bring both security and convenience to the world of online payments, however, with its webcam-based Netswipe secure card reader solution.

Once a site is seized and closed down, the agencies post a notice saying “This hidden site has been seized.” However, often tech savvy criminal elements typically can reopen their business on another web page within a very short time, making the challenge to police the Internet all the more difficult.

Malia Zimmerman is an award-winning investigative reporter focusing on crime, homeland security, illegal immigration crime, terrorism and political corruption.

“Parents and teachers should remind their kids and students if they are going to darknet sites to watch movies, download comic books or stream music for free that these are great ways to get their phones and laptops infected with malware,” Gula asserted.

“Parents and teachers should ask their kids and students how they are communicating with their friends and if any online anonymous conversations have been harassing.” The FBI, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, Homeland Security Investigations, and the Drug Enforcement Agency are among the federal agencies policing the dark web, sometimes acting as buyers or sellers of illicit services or contraband products.